Tuesday, September 25, 2007

assignment 3 9.25.07

Deep Memory

You woke me up,
Told me you were sick,
So I got up,
Only to help you sit.
You fall to the ground,
I make the call,
But by then you were already above the ground.
In the sky like a bird,
Only your heart can be seen now,
I can feel the warmth.
But then the vines,
Only to break the feeling,
Then comes sorrow,
As the fire eats me alive,
I still sit and wonder,
When will this fire become only a flame?
Only with help from the arm of a wave.


It’s a pain I felt in everyway,
It’s a friend I lost during this wave.
It is something that everyone there cannot deny.
Watching over us from heaven,
Its time for us to remember him for life,
So rest in peace AG129,
You are forever in my heart.
Love, JP229.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

assignment 2 9.18.07

1. When I was introduced to this writing I was about 14 years old. My friend, Annette, really like this band called "Minus The Bear". I had never heard of them but I decided to give them a chance. I really liked the song because it made me think of all the times I had a hard day.

2. The song not only attracts my attention on a writing basis, but also on a rhythm basis. I really liked how calming the song was. It made me realize every one's life isn't always perfect.

3. Try to get some rest,
count backward from ten.
You've gone too long without sleep
I know you won't rest stressed, so give up, just give up.

This is the first stanza in the song and it is important because it shows how the artist feels about his life but that he also knows how to handle himself when he has bad days he knows how to handle them right.

4. I. When have you felt like you have had a horrible day and nothing can go right from there?
II. How do you deal with a bad situation that is really horrible and turn it into a good situation. (i.e. Did you learn a lesson that made the situation meaningful?)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

assignment one. 9.12.07

personally i don't enjoy writting that much. i hope through this class i learn to enjoy writing. over the next four months in this class i hope to write alot of poerty and short stories.

i do not have a favorite writer but i do enjoy stories that immidetly introduce a conflict and throughout the whole book talk about the conflict and at the end of the story talk about the solution.